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Foot and shoe care

Imagem> We all have a routine of taking care of our body, which goes from what we eat and drink and the practice of physical exercises, to the kind of products we apply in our hair and skin. But many times we forget to take care of our feet, which sustain our body in the course of the day. The feet deserve basic care; it does not require much time nor dedication, but it makes all the difference!

  1. Keep the nails always trimmed and, in order to prevent it from ingrowing, do not round the edges.

  2. After the shower, give special attention to drying the feet, mainly between the fingers, as the humidity may cause mycosis. Use a paper towel or toilet paper as they absorb the humidity better than the cloth towel.

  3. Also to avoid excess of humidity in the foot, do not use shoes and sneakers without socks. Those must preferably be made of cotton. And, whenever possible, walk barefoot at home.

  4. If your foot skin is dry, do not ever forget to use a moisturizing cream after the shower. Take the time to make a massage - after a whole day supporting your body, your feet need that caress!

  5. Few things make a woman more sensual than a pair of high heels. However, the constant use may cause damages to the feet and to the spine. Thus, try to alternate the use of high heels and low heels. And after some hours using high heels, stretch for a few minutes the calf.

Many problems in the feet are caused by the use of inadequate shoes. Before buying footwear, it is very important to know some of their characteristics. And, if the product is to have a long life, some precautions are fundamental.

  1. If you like high heels, a good suggestion is to measure the length of your toe: the height of the heels that you can support without suffering cannot exceed this measure.

  2. Although synthetic materials are more tempting due to their price, prefer shoes made of natural materials - they absorb the sweat, avoiding fungus and bad odor.

  3. For sensitive feet, the ideal is goatskin shoes - kid leather, suede and mixed leather.

  4. For raining days, choose a model with rubber sole - preferably non-skid -, which will keep your feet drier, as they are waterproof.

  5. Prefer light shoes.

  6. Never store the shoes when they are wet, because they may mold. Not only does mold ruin the shoes but it also cause damages to your feet skin. Dry inside and outside of the shoes with a dry cloth, and leave them in an airy atmosphere for one day.

  7. Tight shoes can jeopardize the health of your feet, harming your spine, blood circulation and the surface of the feet. However, too big shoes cause problems as well: if the shoe does not perfectly fit the foot, the friction between them may cause blisters and callus.

  8. Currently there is a large offer of models of sneakers appropriate to the most different kinds of sport. What may seem to be a mere detail to the eyes of a layman may make all the difference in its performance. Thus, when choosing the sneakers, do not take into account the visual aspect only; it is necessary to know to which sport it was created.

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  10. If you are not sure about your size, follow the instructions below:

    1. Place a measuring tape perpendicular to a wall, with the "zero" leaning against it.

    2. Step on the tape, leaning the heel against the wall.

    3. Check the measure which your big toe reaches.

    4. Find in the table below the size that corresponds to the measure.

Measure your foot at the end of the day, when your feet are more swollen. Measure both feet and, in case of difference between them, use the greater measure.

Conversion table

This table is not exact, as there are variations in the standards adopted by each manufacturer. Besides, the table takes into account only the length of the foot - sometimes the size may have to be bigger due to the width of the foot. However, it is a good starting point for those who do not have an idea of his or her size.

25,3 38
26 39
26,6 40
27,3 41
28 42
28,6 43
29,3 44
30 45
30,6 46
31,3 47
32 48
32,6 49
33,3 50

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