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Sales Policy

In the real or virtual world, it is very important to have confidence in the company you chose to do your shopping.

It is fundamental for Eurico to correspond to that trust - our brand reflects the solid basis on which it was built in the course of 70 years of services provided in a honest and dedicated manner.

Please, read carefully the text below, where we communicate our duties and rights in the relationship with our customers. We want to continue to be part of your life, always offering the best products and a quality customer service. In case of doubt, please contact us by email or telephone (11) 5054 8877.


  1. Personal information
    Eurico maintains the personal information of its clients in absolute secrecy, and its use is restricted to process your purchase and, eventually, to send catalogues and printed newsletters about news, launches and sale. We use your e-mail only to communicate with you about your order and to advertise our launches and sale. At any moment you may cancel your registration through an option located in the bottom of the e-mail marketing. Eurico does not give information of its customers to third parties under no circumstance.

  2. Safety of the site
    You can see in the pages where you insert your personal and credit card information a closed padlock icon in the right bottom side of your browser. This is your guarantee that the information is encrypted and cannot be viewed nor handled by third parties.


  1. Shopping with credit card
    It may be paid by credit card in up to 6 installments of at least R$ 50.00 each. In this calculation it is considered only the value of the product, the shipping costs are not included.

  2. Shopping through deposit in bank account
    Payment through wire transfer or deposit in bank account is made in advance, and the payment slip issued by the bank is your guarantee that the credit was actually made. Keep it with you at least until your order is delivered. There is a 5% discount in this option. This discount is calculated on the value of the product only (shipping costs not included). If the payment is not confirmed within 3 business days, the order is automatically canceled.

  3. Shopping through bank payment slip
    This option generates a payment slip that must be printed and paid in the bank or through Internet banking. Once the payment is confirmed, the order is automatically released. There is a 5% discount in this option as well. This discount is calculated on the value of the product (shipping costs not included). If the payment slip is not paid within 3 business days, the order and the payment slip are automatically canceled.


  1. Simple exchange
    If you are not happy with the product bought, you may exchange it for any other item available on the website, if meeting the following conditions:

    - The product shall be returned to Eurico within 20 days after receiving.
    - The product must not have been used and has to be with the bar code label affixed.
    - The product must be accompanied by the completed return form, and a and a copy of the invoice.
    - The shipping expenses regarding the return of the product to Eurico will be incurred by the client.

    The shipping expenses for sending the product that replaces the product returned will be paid by Eurico (by PAC - Economic Shipping). This benefit is valid only in the first exchange.

    We are not responsible for exchange of products that have already been used or for exchange after the 20-day-term.

  2. Return
    According to Law 8078 of 09/11/1990 Article 49, the consumer can return the purchase within 7 days upon receiving your purchase, provided that the purchase occurred outside the premises of the store, ie, by internet. In this case, Eurico is responsible for the chargeback or refund of the amount paid for the product.

  3. Defects
    We are very rigorous when choosing our suppliers. Even so, for you to receive a high quality shoe, such shoe is submitted to the inspection of an employee of our shipping department. The products are carefully packed so that you receive it in perfect conditions, as if you were buying it at the shop. However, we are subject to manufacturing defects that only appears after the use of the products. If this is the case, we ask you to return it to Eurico within at most 90 days from the date you received the product. After we have received it back, the product will be submitted to analysis by the manufacturer, and, if the complaint is considered well founded, we will be responsible for repairing or replacing the shoe without any additional costs for you.

  4. 3. Product variation
    The photos in this website try to show as accurately as possible the actual product. However, in case of any difference in any detail of the product to be sent, we will contact you to authorize the shipment of the product with such difference. If, when you receive the product, you still find that there is a difference between the product received and the product ordered, please contact us. If your complaint is considered well founded, we will proceed to replace the product without any additional costs for you. Regarding the colors, minor variations must be accepted, since there may be color distortions from one screen to another, or from the lightning of the photo, or even in different lots of shoe leather.

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